John Lewis Partnership with Biomethane

Waitrose has introduced two new dedicated gas-fuelled Scania tractor units in to its distribution fleet operation where there are already 44 dual fuel trucks which use a mixture of gas and diesel. The two dedicated gas-fuelled trucks will operate at a range of 350 miles and will be used to deliver products to stores throughout northern England, the north Midlands and north Wales. Operating on a return-to-base duty cycle and refuelling from a gas station in Leyland operated by CNG Fuels.

The ultimate goal of Waitrose is to displace as much diesel fuel with bio-methane (provided via a green gas certification scheme) from the Leyland gas station.

The change from dual fuel to dedicated trucks means that Waitrose will be able to produce less greenhouse gas emissions and become more environmentally friendly since the trucks can operate on 100% bio-methane from the Leyland station. The bio-methane pumped into the trucks at the station is a sustainable source of methane because it is produce through decomposing food waste, therefore the process of producing the methane is in a sustainable cycle.

The Leyland station is connected to the national high pressure grid, making the station able to refuel up to 500 trucks a day within about a four minute refuelling time per truck. The high station throughput capacity and connection to the high pressure grid enables CNG Fuels to provide low cost gas to UK fleets.

“The success of our gas-fuelled operation depends upon a reliable supply of gas and the Leyland installation now provides us with the local support we need,” said Simon Gray, vehicle engineering manager at John Lewis, parent company of Waitrose.

The two Scania dedicated gas truck models are P340LA4x2MNA plated 31-tonnes GRT. With 9-litre Euro-6 engine designed to only operate on gas (compressed or liquefied) delivering 340hp (250kW) at 1,900 rpm. When operating on the bio-methane, Scania claim that CO2 reductions of up to 90% can be achieved. The dual fuel trucks use an aftermarket conversion system provided by Prins.