Asda Stores Ltd

As we are a retailer, we are constantly looking for opportunities to run our fleet on a lower cost operating model. The D2G trial is a low risk project that has given Asda Stores the opportunity to establish if running a Gas fleet is a viable alternative?

Key observations from a commercial angle is the need for the capital outlay and residual value to align with “standard level” diesel vehicles, savings from which would dramatically increase the incentive to use Gas fleet within Logistic operations

Throughout the duration of the trial we have had no vehicle reliability issues, leaving us with no concerns over the gas vehicles reliability.

Driver feedback has been positive in both the performance and drivability of these vehicles.

A concern which was raised when first operating these vehicles was range. However, initial fears have been addressed as the vehicles have been used. The Gas fleet is defiantly seen as a welcome addition to the fleet.

Our future plans, commercial considerations dependent, include expanding our current gas fleet more widely within our network, which we feel can only be a benefit to Asda’s operations. Not only in terms of cost saving but from an environmental and CSR (Corporate social responsibility) angle.