Tesco Engineering/The Hardstaff Group – Operational Trial


Tesco Engineering (lead): Fleet operator
The Hardstaff Group: Fleet operator

Trial funded trucks:
35 LNG Mercedes Benz trucks with Hardstaff OIGI dual fuel system conversions operated by Tesco Engineering

Trial funded refuelling stations:
No refuelling stations

Project information:
This project is a collaboration between Tesco Engineering and the Hardstaff Group. In the trial Tesco is deploying 35 Mercedes Hardstaff converted dual-fuel HGVs tractor units, representing 60% of the operational fleet, at the key Tesco Frozen Food Distribution Centre next to J18 of the M1 at DIRFT (Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal). After having halved the emissions per case delivered in the UK between 2006-2011, Tesco aims to further reduce emissions per case of goods delivered by 25% by 2020 (from a 2011 baseline). The vehicles use Gasrec's refuelling station at DIRFT, which provides "Bio-LNG", a blend of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid biomethane (LBM).

Tesco Distribution's group environmental manager, Joe Carthy, said: "A gas refuelling station on our doorstep is ideal for us. We are committed to converting vehicles to dual fuel and reducing carbon emissions. Gasrec's infrastructure and Bio-LNG fuel will allow us to do this across our network in years to come."

Gasrec's commercial development manager, Doug Leaf, said: "To have an international company like Tesco show such confidence in our service and product is fantastic and a great sign for the future.
"The public and private sectors are really seeing the ability of Bio-LNG to cut costs and pollution, and our green credentials have been recognised by the government through its LCVIP funding.
"We're very confident at Gasrec that more and more people will come to us, giving us the opportunity to expand our infrastructure even further and deliver savings and environmental benefits to a wider market."