Dual Fuel Pathfinder


Eddie Stobart (lead): Fleet operator
BOC Group: Gas and station provider

Trial funded trucks:
20 LNG Volvo trucks with factory fitted dual fuel technology operated by Eddie Stobart

Trial funded refuelling stations:
1 LNG station based in Appleton Thorn, Warrington operated by BOC group

Project information:

Stobart Group's transport and distribution division Eddie Stobart has been testing a small fleet of Volvo dual-fuel vehicles with selected clients, where Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) replaces up to 70% of the diesel fuel used to power the engine. The award-winning programme uses Volvo FM series tractor units with E 460 BHP Euro V engines, factory fitted with specialist dual-fuel technology supplied by Clean Air Power. The funding provided by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) was matched by an investment from Eddie Stobart to enable its fleet of Volvo dual-fuel tractor units to be increased and allow BOC, the UK's largest provider of compressed and liquefied gas, to install an LNG refuelling station at Eddie Stobart's Appleton, Warrington regional hub - with access available to other dual-fuel vehicle operators.

The trial will deploy 20 Volvo FM13 460 dual fuel tractor units and aims to determine the ability of the vehicles to achieve up to 70% substitution of diesel by LNG, reduce carbon emissions by up to 20%, and by use of latest BOC LNG refuelling technology avoid the loss of gas vented to atmosphere by conventional systems during refuelling. The robust testing of the vehicle and refuelling technologies in the field, as an integrated part of a larger vehicle fleet, will enable further refinement of the technology and provide significant opportunities to help drive sustainability in the logistics sector.

Phil Spittle Eddie Stobart General Manager - Fleet Compliance says: "The Technology Strategy Board grant, matched by our own investment, has helped drive forward our commitment to sustainable distribution. The transition from diesel to BOC's dual fuel technology has been extremely smooth and has allowed us to help stimulate innovation in the logistics sector. The use of dual fuel vehicles is an exciting development and will support the increasing need for Eddie Stobart and its customers to reduce their carbon footprint."