G-Volution (lead): Dual fuel conversion technology supplier
Containership: Station provider and fleet operator

Trial funded trucks:
10 LNG Mercedes trucks with G-Volution dual fuel conversions operated by Containership

Trial funded refuelling stations:
1 LNG station planned

Project information:

ContainerShips (UK) Ltd. is based in Teesport, and operates its own fleet of ships as well as trucks delivering around the UK. It is part of the ContainerShips Group which has 19 offices around Europe and a wide shipping network from the Baltic to the Eastern Mediterranean. The Group as a whole has a high level commitment to reduce environmental impact, and sees the opportunity to develop the use of LNG in trucks as of strategic importance, given the possible synergies with the coming introduction of LNG as a shipping fuel.

The DAF-Truck project will introduce G-volution's patented dual fuel Optimiser into 10 DAF 44t HGVs operated by Containerships, and provide a publically-accessible LNG refuelling station at ContainerShips' base in Teesport.

G-volution is a specialist company responsible for the design, development, manufacture and patenting of the G-volution Optimiser. This unique multi-fuelling technology is a recipient of the Shell Springboard award, and G-volution maintains a strong team of leading engineers in the field of dual fuel technology. Through these projects, G-volution will bring methane-diesel dual-fuel capability to two leading truck marques within the UK (and European) markets using British engineering experience.