CNG Magna Park


CNG Services (lead): Station provider
Gasrec: Station provider
DHL: Fleet Operator
Eddie Stobart: Fleet Operator
Argos Transport: Fleet Operator
Culina Logistics: Fleet Operator

Trial funded trucks:
11 LNG Volvo trucks with Clean Air Power dual fuel conversions operated by DHL
15 LNG Scania trucks with Prins dual fuel conversions operated by Eddie Stobart
5 dedicated CNG Scania Trucks operated by Argos
10 LNG Mercedes trucks and 25 LNG Volvo trucks with Prins dual fuel conversions operated by Culina Logistics

Trial funded refuelling stations:
1 LCNG station to be provided by CNG Services and Gasrec on Magna Park

Project information:

Magna Park, Lutterworth Natural Gas Refuelling Station is a collaboration between CNG Services, Gasrec, DHL Supply Chain, Eddie Stobart, Argos Transport and Culina Logistics.

The project will provide a publically-accessible natural gas refuelling station at Magna Park, Lutterworth which will reduce operating costs and deliver CO2 benefits to users. An interim refuelling station will also be established that will support vehicles deployed in the two-year period of the Low Carbon Truck Trial.

Project partners DHL, Eddie Stobart, Argos and Culina will deploy 66 HGVs (61 dual fuel and 5 dedicated gas vehicles). The organisations anticipate that they will gain valuable operational data in respect of vehicle performance which will assist future strategic decision making.