Wisely Driven Fuel Partnership


Muller Wiseman Dairies (lead): Fleet Operator
Chive Fuels: Station provider
Cenex: Data analysis, reporting and vehicle modelling
MIRA: Vehicle emissions and noise testing

Trial funded trucks:
39 LNG Volvo trucks with factory fitted dual fuel technology operated by Muller Wiseman Dairies

Trial funded refuelling stations:
1 LNG station based in Droitwich operated by Chive Fuels
1 LNG station based in Bellshill operated by Chive Fuels

Project information:
Müller Wiseman Dairies, the largest dairy in the UK, operates over 250 HGVs. The Wisely Driven Fuel Partnership is a two-year trial of 39 dual fuel HGVs in order to assess the feasibility of a wider switch of the company's HGV fleet to dual fuel operation.

The vehicles are refuelled and operated from two depot stations – one in Droitwich, Worcestershire, and the other in Bridgwater, Somerset. Droitwich's depot hosts one upgraded Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) station supplied and supported by Chive Fuels. The vehicles based in Bridgwater are usually refuelled in Bridgwater's publically available GasRec LNG station. The trucks are also able to top up with gas from other publicly available LNG stations when operating away from base.

Cenex will evaluate the environmental and economic performance of the vehicles in operation and through modelling, as well as collecting qualitative feedback vehicle on driver attitudes, perceptions and acceptance of the vehicles. Cenex will ultimately develop Total Cost of Ownership analysis for vehicle operation and replacement across MWD's operations. In addition, the air quality, noise and performance differences between diesel and dual fuel vehicles will be analysed at the MIRA proving ground under controlled testing conditions.