Coca-Cola Enterprises

cocacola-picsmall flame icon  Vehicles: 14 Iveco Stralis 26t rigid trucks

small flame icon  Station: 10t store of liquid biomethane, dispensing compressed biomethane, not publicly accessible

small flame icon  Location: Enfield, North London

small flame icon  Savings: 61% CO2, 86% NOx and 97% PM

In 2010, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) UK trialled an Iveco Stralis CNG truck on delivery routes from its Enfield Depot in North London. Due to the success of the trial, a further 13 identical vehicles were purchased and entered the service in 2012. The vehicles are all a 6x2 rigid configuration, 272 bhp, with a GVW of 26t, and an 18.2t payload. They run on compressed biomethane which is stored at 200 bar pressure in banks of tanks with an 880 litre capacity.

"We run the vehicles on a variety of delivery routes in London and the Home Counties", explained Darren O'Donnell, Fleet Manager Logistics. "The routes can be anything from 80 to 300 km a day, with 20 to 25 drops. For us, the range of the vehicles on gas really hasn't been a problem."

Emission testing showed that gas vehicle operation reduced NOx and PM emissions by 85.6% and 97.1% respectively over the CCE drive cycle. The gas truck consumed 34.9 kg/100 km compared to the diesel truck that consumed 31.9 litres/100 km over the CCE drive cycle, giving a Well-to-Wheel emission saving of nearly 61% CO2. A tests regime was designed to measure noise emissions relevant to inner-city areas and night time distributions. This showed gas vehicle operation reduced noise levels by a staggering 4.1 dB(A), 10.5 dB(A), and 8.1 dB(A) during low speed drive-by, engine idle and hot engine start conditions respectively.

"The key thing for us was that we could integrate these vehicles into our fleet without any operational compromise," explained O'Donnell. Drivers rated the overall performance of the gas vehicle higher than the diesel. Drivers were most impressed with the gas trucks acceleration, transmission and refuelling aspects.

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